How many weeks does it take to train a dog?

All dogs need training. Not just dogs that bark at strangers or become aggressive when someone tries to touch them, jump on visitors or run away when they are outside and off-leash. Depending on the breed and the owner's commitment level, it can take a few months to years to build a strong foundation in dog behaviours.

Is it possible to train an older dog?

It is never too late to train an older dog, but it may take more time and patience. There are a few techniques that you can use to teach your older dog.

1. Find out what motivates your dog
2. Use positive reinforcement
3. Keep it simple
4. Be consistent

What areas do you service?

Bayside Dogs is based on the South Coast of NSW, primarily working with dogs and their families around; Milton, Mollymook, Narrawallee, Ulladulla, Lake Conjola, Nowra up to Gerringong, Kiama and Berry.

Two Kelpie dogs sitting on a bed
Springer Spaniel dog underneath an umbrella next to water
Does dog training really work?

Training is essential to help your pup live their best life with you. Training benefits your dog by reducing stress and anxiety in public or unfamiliar circumstances and around children. Consistent dog training provides essential mental and physical stimulation to keep your pup happy, healthy and sleeping well.

When should dogs start training?

Puppies learn more quickly at an early age. Puppy training can start as early as eight weeks of age using positive reinforcement methods.

What dog training method is best?

At Bayside Dogs we don't have a preference for any particular training method. We create the best training program for the dog in front of us.

How much does training cost?

Bayside Dogs offers a variety of training and coaching services. To provide the best outcome for you and your pup, we can tailor our services based on your availability, involvement and consistency and your dog's nature and breed.

We always start our training relationship with a comprehensive first consult. Ensuring our goals are aligned and we have all the information we need to provide the best and most effective training possible.

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